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The flamethrower project for a TV commercial


I built a flame throwing device initially for an experiment to film the flame propagation with different injector heads. This turned out to be a fun project where I was able to shoot 15ft flames with diesel. All the design and build was done in one week. The basic design is credited to Rob from, he did a wonderful job detailing everything. I did some modification on my flamethrower with respect to the pressure washer hose, and the propane burner pilot flame igniter.

Below is a picture of the actual rig I built with plexiglas protection on the sides.


Tips to build your flame thrower:

  1. Go to, register and download the free ebook of Rob. You will find a bill of material that you need to build your flame thrower.
  2. I experimented with a different pressure washer hose with replaceable injector heads. My design was not aiming for the longest flame, but actual a short flame that I can fit inside my experiment rig.
  3. If you do not want to bend your benzomatic burner, you can rotate it by loosening the small allen head screws, solder an extension wire, and connect it to the spring spark igniter contact. This way if you decide to use it again you can put it back together.
  4. Make sure you water test for leaks
  5. I used a hand pump to transfer fuel into the cylinder, as I did not like the idea of opening and loosening the tank valves every time.