The flamethrower project for a TV commercial

I built a flame throwing device initially for an experiment to film the flame propagation with different injector heads. This turned out to be a fun project where I was able to shoot 15ft flames with diesel. All the design and build was done in one week. The basic design is credited to Rob from, he did a wonderful job detailing everything. I did some modification on my flamethrower with respect to the pressure washer hose, and the propane burner pilot flame igniter. [Read More]

Rubens tube educational demo for STEM high school students

This is the first test of the Ruben’s flame tube I fabricated as part of a STEM education programs for kids. It is very easy to do, a lot of tutorials on you tube on how to make your own. Instead of displaying the usual standing waves, I had some fun trying out different songs I hooked up through an amplifier and speaker. This video is showing the flames acoustic response for the song Freak like me by Lee Walker. [Read More]
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