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Experiments with sparks

Experimenting with a low cost (<100$) plasma circuit on spaced electrodes, spark plug, and in a combustion chamber.

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Schlieren high speed videography

I was having fun shooting quarters with a jet of combusted methane air products. Interesting how the initial shock-wave propagates, and how the jet speed slows down gradually. The initially speed of the jet can be estimated by looking at the images noting the jet tip evolution versus time. It starts at around 300ms, or Mach 0.88 and drops down very quickly to 100m/s and steadily decay.

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The flamethrower project for a TV commercial

I built a flame throwing device initially for an experiment to film the flame propagation with different injector heads. This turned out to be a fun project where I was able to shoot 15ft flames with diesel. All the design and build was done in one week. The basic design is credited to Rob from, he did a wonderful job detailing everything. I did some modification on my flamethrower with respect to the pressure washer hose, and the propane burner pilot flame igniter. [Read More]

Building an ignition and relay controller with optoisolators

Goal Create an interface relay system between a National Instrument (NI) Data Acquisition card and solenoid valves, ignition coils, camera triggering, and mass flow controller. The NI DAQ could have easily been replaced by an Arduino or other similar micro controller. The idea is to use optoisolators to isolate expensive controllers from any circuit fault or voltage spike on the load side. The end goal is to fully automating the fueling and ignition of the combustion chamber built in another project. [Read More]

Mentoring students in 3D printing

I taught for 3 academic semesters an introductory course on CAD design using PTC Creo 3.0 for a total of little bit less than 300 students. These are some of the projects that my students designed in CAD and built prototypes using 3D printers. I was fortunate to mentor very smart students with some very interesting solutions to everyday problems as you can see in the slides below. Triangle [Read More]

Rubens tube educational demo for STEM high school students

This is the first test of the Ruben’s flame tube I fabricated as part of a STEM education programs for kids. It is very easy to do, a lot of tutorials on you tube on how to make your own. Instead of displaying the usual standing waves, I had some fun trying out different songs I hooked up through an amplifier and speaker. This video is showing the flames acoustic response for the song Freak like me by Lee Walker. [Read More]
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Hello world!

Hello world! These are the first words I type on my website. An online presence is like growing a new limb, or a new external entity attached to you, you feel responsible towards it in terms of taking care of it, at the same time you feel the burden of having to dedicate new ressources towards it. Your digital life starts to demand things from your actual real life because you start thinking in terms of what would be appropriate to show to the world. [Read More]

Combustion Chamber

I designed a combustion chamber with optical quart glass access and instrumentation ports for my research during graduate school. The chamber had to be leak proof in vacuum and when pressurized up to 200psig. Previous design were complicated with many parts, so the new design was simplified to have 3 main blocks bolted together and housing the quart glass as seen in the CAD model below. CAD drawing of main chamber showing 3 blocks and quartz glass: I decided to go with stainless steel material SS304 for its low thermal conductivity, high strength, and good corrosion properties. [Read More]

Welding a table

My first MIG welding projects. I welded together a table for the flame thrower experiment out of 1 in square tubes. The welds quality isnt great, but as a first shot to MIG welding I am pleased with the results. The table is standing square! A sample of the weld deposit can be seen in the picture. My hand needs more training to be more stable, and I should have probably extended the area of the weld up and down. [Read More]