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Lessons on Giving Workshops

I recently gave a 3 hours workshop with the team of Beirut AI exploring how to think about Artificial Intelligence problems from a business perspective. We covered topics like AI in the business world, AI in the Middle East and North Africa, dived into analytical visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI, and finally solved a consulting business case exercise about a bank marketing campaigns. Lessons learned on how to prepare for a workshop: [Read More]

Experiments in combustion in grad school

I started my research at the Combustion and Propulsion Research Lab in Indiana University Purdue University under the supervision of Dr Razi Nalim in the beginning of 2015. The next 2 years that followed were a tremendous learning experience. I had been away from academia for 5 years and diving back into textbooks and theories was not easy, however I found a fulfilling challenge in experimental research in the lab like with pulse jets, flame throwers, wave rotors, combustion chambers and much more. [Read More]

Python web application with Dash

Project goal is to create a web application to quickly access Oracle database data. The web app is created using Dash by Plotly library which makes it really easy to deliver fully functional web application without going through all the javascript details.

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FANSIS, a Fan ANalySIS tool

In paper DOI: 10.1243/09544062JMES1196 by Dr Epple on “Design of radial impellers: a combined extended analytical and numerical method”, a method is described for the analysis of centrifugal fan. Dr Epple suggest creating a spreadsheet as a conceptual analysis for a fan design. After creating a spreadsheet with all the relevant equations, I got frustrated with the constant editing that needs to be done on excel, and decided to implement the the design equation code in python. [Read More]
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Milling a wiper for a metal 3D printer

Cuts Finished wiper Chips Machining aluminum 6061 for a friend who is working on a metal 3D printer. You got to love the mountain of chips! Squaring off big parts is always an issue, specially that you have to clamp down the parts and make sure it is aligned with a dial indicator. [Read More]

Experiments with sparks

Experimenting with a low cost (<100$) plasma circuit on spaced electrodes, spark plug, and in a combustion chamber.

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Schlieren high speed videography

I was having fun shooting quarters with a jet of combusted methane air products. Interesting how the initial shock-wave propagates, and how the jet speed slows down gradually. The initially speed of the jet can be estimated by looking at the images noting the jet tip evolution versus time. It starts at around 300ms, or Mach 0.88 and drops down very quickly to 100m/s and steadily decay.

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The flamethrower project for a TV commercial

I built a flame throwing device initially for an experiment to film the flame propagation with different injector heads. This turned out to be a fun project where I was able to shoot 15ft flames with diesel. All the design and build was done in one week. The basic design is credited to Rob from, he did a wonderful job detailing everything. I did some modification on my flamethrower with respect to the pressure washer hose, and the propane burner pilot flame igniter. [Read More]