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AI and COVID19
Implications on healthcare and society

(or something close to that)

Presentation by Ali Tarraf, April 2020

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Housekeeping Info
  1. 1. A Red bold Q means it is a question up for discussion on twitter and zoom: Q1

  2. 2. We will use twitter as an interactive platform for Q&A. Please go to @BeirutAI twitter page to share your responses to posted questions and make sure to TAG us @BeirutAI and use the HASHTAG #AICOVID19.

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  1. Intro Beirut AI
  2. AI Overview
  3. AI & Covid19
  4. How can you help?
Intro Beirut AI
  1. Who we are?
  2. What we do?
We are part of the City AI movement
what we do
What We do?
what we do
We bridge AI & Business
what we do
About You
Q-1:Are you coming from an AI/engineering background or healthcare medical professional?

Q0:Are you interested in improving your AI technical or managerial skills?
AI Overview
  1. What is AI?
  2. Why is it a big deal?
  3. AI applications
What is AI?
Digital Technology Waves
AI Definition
Q:What is artificial intelligence?
A. It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.

Q. Yes, but what is intelligence?
A. Intelligence is the computational part of the ability to achieve goals in the world. Varying kinds and degrees of intelligence occur in people, many animals and some machines.
Why is it a big deal?
AI Utopia
Q1:Is the human existence headed towards a Dystopia or a Utopia, or nothing will change? Utopia
Ranges of possible futures
Q2:What preposterous future can you imagine? What possible future can you imagine? future
AI New Social Contract
Within fifteen years I predict that we will technically be able to automate 40 to 50 percent of all jobs in the United States.
- Dr Kai Fu Lee

Q3:What can our Society do to combat the shift in jobs from humans to machines?

Leisure as the basis of culture
Of course the world of work begins to become - threatens to become - our only world, to the exclusion of all else. The demands of the working world grow ever more total, grasping ever more completely the whole of human existence.
- Joseph Pieper

Q4:Joseph Pieper argued in 1948 that our society should shift to Leisure as the basis of culture. Is that a preferable solution?
Back to the Present: AI as a growth engine
AI can unlock True Factor Productivity (TFP) of economies and become an engine of growth. aigrowth
AI Applications
PPAID: AI Business Value Equation
Value Captured = People x Process x Analytics x IT x Data

If you want to get paid, make sure you are strong in all aspects of PPAID.

Your benefits will be as good as your weakest link.

Q5:Can you think of an AI applications that didn't live up to the hype? Why do you think its value fell short?
Data to Decision
AI Technology will feed on data to empower the automation of human decisions to actions. data to decision
AI Applications examples[1/4]
Descriptive - What happened?
18 % of Covid19 patients were asymptomatic on the Covid19 afflicted Princess Ship
AI Applications examples[2/4]
Diagnostic - Why did it happen?
Correlation between number of McDonald restaurants and Covid19 cases count.
mcdonalds Q6:Does correlation imply causation? Is there more cases in the USA because of higher number of McDonalds restaurants?
AI Applications examples[3/4]
Predictive - What will happen?
Up to 2million fatalities of Covid19 worldwide

AI Applications examples[4/4]
Prescriptive - What can we do?
Deny access to metro if your phone says you are not respecting social distancing.
AI & Covid19
  1. Covid19 World Shakedown
  2. AI Applications to Covid19
Covid19 shook the world
A new world order
Covid19 is ushering a global recession and enforcing new "normal" way of life
It took 30kb or 5000 words to...
...Impact the life of billions of humans

Q7:What can you express or create in 500 lines of words that will have world wide impact? 30kb
AI Applications
AI & Covid Applications
  1. Patient Scale
  2. Molecular Scale
  3. Society Scale
Society Scale
  1. Epidemiology
  2. Infodemics
  3. Social Distancing
Molecular Scale
  1. Protein Structure Prediction
  2. Improving Viral Dna Testing
  3. Drug Repurposing
  4. Drug Discovery
Patient Scale
  1. Medical Imaging for Diagnosis
  2. Non Invasive measurement for disease tracking
  3. Patient Outcome Prediction
Starting with Medical Imaging for Diagnosis
Binary Classification CT Scans
Chen et al trained 6000ct scans labeled by radiologist and deployed model to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University. ct scan class ct scan image
Multiple Classification CT Scans
ct scan 3 class
lung image
Model improved performance and reduced time of radiologist review from 30 to 5min. This is a promising model to compliment radiologists. ai-radiologist
Non Invasive Measurement For Disease Tracking
Respiration Monitoring

Kinect depth camera to identify respiratory patterns. Covid patients display tachypnea, rapid respiration. Potential to be used as a first order screening for covid19.

Phone sensors to detect Covid19

A Novel AI-enabled Framework to Diagnose Coronavirus COVID-19 using Smartphone Embedded Sensors

Contact Tracing Apps

Contact tracing app to detect covid19 through surveys and location data

Patient Outcome Prediction
Predict Mortality & Hospitalisation

Predict high risk patient mortality from key clinical indicators. Advantage is interpretability since indicator correspond to pathophysiological progress of covid19.

Protein Structure Prediction
Protein 3D Structure

Alphafold estimates distances & angles between aminoacids which is used to characterize the shape of the protein.

Improving Viral DNA Testing
SHERLOCK RNA detection

CRISPR-Cas13 is an RNA editing technique that can alter protein sequences without modifying the genome in a cell. Using Cas13, SHERLOCK (specific high-sensitivity enzymatic reporter unlocking) was developed to detect viruses.

AI can help SHERLOCK Assays

AI can help identify the appropiate testing procedures to be able to detect viruses

Drug Repurposing
drug repurposing
Biomedical Knowledge Graphs

Benevolent AI used Natural Language Processing to find relationships like "gene X is biologically associated with disease Y". They found that Baricitnib for rheumatoid arthrithis makes it harder for virus to enter the boost cell by inhibiting ap2 protein kinase.

BERE:Biomedical Entity Relation Extraction Network

BERE trained on 700k documents and can find valid "Drug to Target Interactions".

bere bere2
Predicting Commercial Drugs Inhibitory Potency

The research team used pretrained deep learning-based drug-target interaction model called Molecule Transformer-Drug Target Interaction (MT-DTI) to identify commercially available drugs that could act on viral proteins of 2019- nCoV.

The result showed that Atazanavir, an antiretroviral medication used to treat and prevent the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is the best chemical compound, showing a inhibitory potency with Kd of 94.94 nM against the 2019-nCoV 3C-like proteinase.

MT-DTI AI model
Will the Drug (left) interact with the targeted protein (right)?

MT-DTI allows you to predict an affinity score ONLINE! transformer
MT-DTI Online Demo
demo1 demo2
Drug Discovery
...Using Reinforcement Learning
Deep Q-learning network for drug design
The SIR Model
AI forecasting of Cases
aiforecasting forecasting
Fact Checking
Teams are curating specific news content related to the virus and perform both manual and automated fact-checking against WHO.
Social Distancing
Video Social Tracking
Using distance measured between walkers from video cameras, it is possible to identify bottlenecks where social distancing cannot be maintained, and how citizens adapt as restrictions are imposed or lifted. socialdistancing
Pedestrian traffic
Using pedestrian sensors data on roads, deep learning algorithm makes it possible to monitor the local response of citizen at each traffic intersection with lockdowns and other policies. pedestrian
Big Data Phone location
Tectonix analysed billions of anonymous phone records to monitor if people are abiding by government mobility policies. tectonix
How Can You Help?
Two Tracks:

- Technical track
- Business track

Discussion time!
Thank You!

I hope you have learned something new today!

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Presentation by Ali Tarraf, April 2020

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