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Welding a table


My first MIG welding projects. I welded together a table for the flame thrower experiment out of 1 in square tubes. The welds quality isnt great, but as a first shot to MIG welding I am pleased with the results. The table is standing square!


A sample of the weld deposit can be seen in the picture. My hand needs more training to be more stable, and I should have probably extended the area of the weld up and down. There is a kind of trust in your hands magic ability to be a good welder. Blindly you have to trust that your hand will point where you want it to go, this is hard for beginners. I found myself opening my welding helmet many times before starting which is annoying and slow. Learning to adjust your tip angle, and the distance from the workpiece practicing on scrap metal will teach you to trust your hand position gradually.


Table dimensions: 34x34.5 x 30 in Materials needed: 8 pc of 1" square tube, 3ft long, costs around 10.66 USD for 3ft total 85.28 USD from McMaster. You could probably get cheaper prices locally.